Death and the Pursuit of Happiness is a series created by myself and my wife. We wrote and shot the first episode with myself as director and her as director of photography. I also created the intro sequence for the show, including the score. We're hoping to sell the show to a VOD service in the future.

Initially I started on the intro sequence in summer of 2017, envisioning the sequence to start in a graveyard, then travel through the grim reaper's robes to Hell as his bones fall apart. I wanted it to be dark yet fun, in the same tone as the show. Ultimately, I felt that original vision to be too dark, and decided to go with something both more time-realistic and upbeat. I landed on the grim reaper dancing naked in a graveyard; it felt very much inline with the tone of the show, and having already built and gathered a lot of the assets, I was able to accomplish this whole vision within two weeks in my spare time thanks to my experience with motion tracking. I used iPiSoft Studio with two Kinects to record the body animation; then I finished off the hand and head animation in Cinema 4D.
Here are some style frames from the original vision:


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