This is my first time entering a 5 second project for Greyscalegorilla, and it was also my first time doing all of the rigging of an organic character by myself using Cinema 4D. I usually do more motion graphics than animation, so it was fun to step outside of the box and do something more intricate. One of the biggest challenges of the project was the hair and grass; it takes massive amounts of time for even the viewport to display the amount of hair I was using (and the renderer was set to use 3 times that amount), and filling in the grass consisted mostly of guesswork. Luckily the team renderer in R15 and the 7 open computers at work made rerendering scenes feasible.
I did this styleframe while shot 1's animation was team rendering out of Cinema 4D.
I wasn't trying for perfect polyflow for the character, just something that would deform well where it needed to. I closed the hands on the model because they're never going to need to open. The shoes are from a school project I did last year, and rather than trying to weight them, I'll just be parenting them to the bone structure and using a bend deformer to animate the toes of the shoes. When the character is fully rigged, I'll be using him for Cinema 4D to Motionbuilder workflow tests, and possibly incorporating motion capture in the final project; otherwise I'll be using C-Motion to give him a run cycle.
The final character design.
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